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Masonry, a timeless craft, is crucial in contributing to the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home. Our team at Build By Davis provides top-tier masonry in Omaha and surrounding areas as part of our comprehensive home-building services. We excel in implementing masonry in your home build to ensure durability, energy efficiency, and a rich, timeless look.
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By choosing Build By Davis, you’re opting for excellence, durability, and a lifelong return on your investment. Our masonry work forms the backbone of our comprehensive home-building service, ensuring your new home is robust, energy-efficient, and aesthetically exquisite.
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The Role of Masonry in Home Building in Omaha, NE

Masonry construction is a timeless craft that enhances the structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and durability of homes. In Omaha, NE, stone masonry and masonry building techniques are highly valued, with many houses featuring these resilient and high-quality masonry walls made of clay bricks, concrete blocks, or natural stones. This showcases the city’s rich architectural heritage and commitment to sustainable and resilient construction.

The masonry in Omaha, NE, offers homes that can withstand severe weather conditions due to its remarkable strength. Additionally, masonry’s fire resistance and insulation capabilities contribute to energy-efficient homes that are both safe and comfortable.

If you’re considering building or buying a home in Omaha, NE, don’t overlook the invaluable benefits of masonry. While it may require an initial investment, the long-term payoff in terms of durability, aesthetics, and energy savings is well worth it.

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Dive into the narratives of homeowners who’ve experienced the excellence of our masonry work firsthand. These reviews offer an unfiltered understanding of our services and the significant difference quality masonry can make in your Omaha home-building project.


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Davis Contracting company is very professional, respectful and decent.

I would say better then any other company I’ve come across.

These people will work in any kind of whether and not just about the money.




Called on Friday to get a quote for replacing our deck. By Tuesday the job was started and by Friday the job was complete!

Tore down our old deck, built a newer and larger deck. Great service, timely and professional.

Will be calling again when the weather warms up to install a fence. I would highly recommend!

The Benefits of Home Building Masonry In Omaha, NE

Masonry provides numerous benefits in the construction of homes, which make it a highly desirable choice for home building.

Ready to experience the benefits of masonry in your new home in Omaha, NE? Contact us at Build By Davis to discuss your home building project and learn more about our expert masonry services. Let’s build a beautiful, durable, and sustainable home together.

Witness Our Expertise in Masonry Through Our Omaha Home Building Portfolio

Embark on a virtual tour of our past projects in Omaha, NE. Exploring our portfolio will vividly illustrate the dual benefits of our masonry work: enhanced aesthetics and structural resilience. Each project showcases our commitment to quality and the lasting value of masonry in home building.

Masonry Materials Used in Construction

Masonry building involves a variety of materials that each contribute unique aesthetic, structural, and practical benefits. The most common materials include concrete blocks, brick walls, stone blocks, and reinforced concrete.

These are just a few examples of the materials used in masonry building. The choice of material often depends on factors such as the project’s budget, design preferences, and specific structural requirements. Despite their differences, all masonry materials share common benefits: durability, safety, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, noise reduction, and sustainability.

Masonry Costs In Omaha, NE

The cost of masonry work in Omaha, NE, can vary significantly based on the materials used and the complexity of the project.

Masonry Type Cost per Square Foot Range
Brick or Stone Masonry $10 - $20
Concrete Block Masonry $5 - $10
Reinforced Concrete $10 - $25
It’s important to remember these are rough estimates, and actual costs can vary. It’s always recommended to get quotes from multiple masonry contractors to ensure you’re getting the best price and quality for your project.
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FAQs About Masonry In Omaha, NE

On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $10 and $20 per square foot for brick or stone masonry, with costs potentially increasing for more intricate designs or higher-end materials.

The cost for concrete block masonry is typically lower, ranging from $5 to $10 per square foot.

Reinforced concrete, given its superior strength and durability, can be more expensive, with costs ranging between $10 and $25 per square foot.

Masonry refers to a construction technique that uses individual units, often made from materials like stone blocks, bricks, concrete blocks, or reinforced concrete, bound together by mortar.

Masonry projects can range from small installations like walkways and patios to the construction of entire buildings.

The term “masonry” also encompasses the use of variations like stone brick and other heavy materials to build structures. This method is appreciated for its substantial strength, durability, and ability to withstand the elements, making it a popular choice in home building, especially in areas susceptible to severe weather conditions, such as Omaha, NE.

A masonry wall is a type of construction method that employs individual units of brick, stone, concrete blocks, or reinforced concrete, which are bound together with mortar to form a wall.

This system is one of the oldest, most durable building systems available, offering substantial strength, resilience, and excellent fire resistance.
Masonry walls can serve a wide range of purposes in a building’s design, from forming the primary structural system to providing aesthetic appeal.

In Omaha, NE, masonry walls are particularly valued for their ability to withstand severe weather conditions, making them a popular choice in home-building projects.

While “brick” is a type of masonry, it’s not the only variety. Masonry is a broad term that encompasses the construction of structures from individual units bound together by mortar. These units can be made from several different materials, including but not limited to brick, stone, concrete blocks, and reinforced concrete.

The choice of masonry material depends on various factors like the project’s aesthetic goals, structural requirements, budget, and more. In Omaha, NE, we often use various kinds of masonry materials in our home-building projects, considering the local climate and clients’ preferences.

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