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Planning the layout of your future home from scratch is stressful. Not knowing where to start, determining the best layout, and choosing from so many finishing options can feel like too much.

Going with a pre-designed floor plan not only speeds up the timeline, but also puts money back in your pocket by skipping custom design fees.

Plus, at Built By Davis, you get the best of both worlds: you can customize our existing floor plans and get a flexible starting point if you’re unsure about your future home’s structure.

Our existing floor plans have several flexible features, including:

Experience Stress-Free Home Building With One Of These Plans

You can easily customize our existing floor plans to fit your dream home vision, saving time, money, and endless design worries.


2-Story Modern Farmhouse

1,368 ft²., 3 bedrooms, 1-car garage, unfinished basement.

Starting Price: $275k


1-Story Modern Ranch

1,502 ft²., 3 bedrooms, 1-car garage, vaulted ceiling, unfinished basement.

Starting Price: $275k


2-Story Classic Farmhouse

1,500 ft²., 2 bedrooms, mudroom, 1-car garage.

Starting Price: $325k


1-Story Modern Suburban

2,200 ft²., 3 bedrooms, 2-car garage, finished basement.

Starting Price: $375k


2-Story Country Cottage

2,400 ft²., 3 bedrooms, 2-car garage, covered porch, finished basement.

Starting Price: $425k


2-Story Modern Executive

2,500 ft²., 3 bedrooms, 3-car garage, covered deck & porch, and more.

Starting Price: $525k+

large farmhouse with big front windows and door, white walls with a gray roof, large garage and second floor attic


2-Story Premium Farmhouse

2,900 ft²., 3-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office room, 3-car garage, finished basement, & more.

Starting Price: $625k

large modern 2 floor house in white and black tones, big driveway with 2 garages

2-Story Modern Family Mansion

3,000+ ft²., 4-5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3-car garage, large covered porch, finished basement.

Starting Price: $810k

Frequent Questions About Floor Plans

A floor plan is a detailed diagram that provides an overhead view of a building or space. It typically includes the layout and dimensions of rooms, walls, doors, windows, and other architectural features. Floor plans help you visualize the arrangement of spaces within your future home.
Yes, we offer full customization of floor plans to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want to add, remove, or modify rooms and features, we can tailor the floor plan to your requirements.

Think of floor plans as templates for your future home. You can choose between the different floor plans we have available, and you also have the possibility to customize them if there are any particular home layouts or finishes you want to change (for example, choose another type of kitchen flooring or move a wall to make your master bathroom bigger).

Home design is a service we offer that allows us to design your future home from scratch. We start with a blank canvas and map out your vision to give you a fully personalized home layout that we can design and plan down to the last details.

Choose floor plans if you’d like to have a starting point for your home’s plans and don’t want to spend any more time worrying about design. It helps speed up the construction process, too.

Go with a custom home design if you already have a vision of what you want your home to look like. It may take up to 4 weeks to have your home design finalized.

The simplest floor plan is often an open floor layout with minimal interior walls. It consists of a single, open space without many partitions or room divisions, creating a spacious and unobstructed area.
Yes, we offer the option to purchase customized floor plan designs. The cost varies depending on the complexity of the customization, with prices ranging between $3,000 and $5,000 for personalized designs that meet your unique specifications.

No, a floor plan and a layout are not the same, although they are related and often used together in the context of architecture and interior design.

A floor plan is a map of one level of your house. It’s like looking at your home from above. On this map, you can see where all the rooms are located, where the walls, doors, and windows are situated, and how everything is sized and spaced out. It’s a way to understand how your home is structured.

The layout is not just about the structure of your home, but how you’re going to arrange everything inside it. This is where you make decisions about where to put your furniture, like the sofa, dining table, or bed. It’s also where you think about things like the lighting, decorations, and even how people will move around the space.

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